Five Key Elements to a Professional Headshot (for your C.V, LinkedIn Profile, Company Website)

If you are looking for a new career path or in need of updating your website and LinkedIn profile; Here are some fantastic tips on ways to improve your Corporate Headshots.

Keep your backdrop plain and simple. No distracting objects and patterns. The photo is about You! So less is more when it comes to the background. Colours such as plain white or a grey coloured backdrop can look professional. If you have a certain colour to your company perhaps look at that as an option.

Dress Professionally. Dress like you would to an interview or meeting a new client and perhaps look at having your hair and make up done professionally. Please do not to wear sunglasses or hats. They maybe a part of who you are but we cannot see you and it may not look professional.

Posing in a Professional Manner. If you are going to a professional photographer, they will always guide you. It is good to look and feel comfortable but professional when posing for your Corporate Headshots. For C.V.’s and LinkedIn photos it is better to focus on Head & Shoulder shots and not on the whole body or mid length shots.

Look Friendly and Approachable. You can be straight faced or smiling but always look warm and approachable in your photos. Again the photographer will guide you and will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. You may like to bring a friend or co-worker. Another way of ensuring you feel relaxed when having your photos captured is having a familiar face such as a good friend to be there.

Choose a Good Corporate Photographer. Do your homework. Look at the Photographers work and style of work and see if it fits in with what you are looking for. Ask questions.