A Portrait of Harry

A portrait of Harry after he is bathed and groomed. This will not last.

I found Harry on St James beach in Cape Town 7 years ago when checking out the best light during the evening for a photo shoot the next day. Harry was only a few months old and looked lost. Whilst terrified of any human contact he just gave into me when tempting him into my car with the shopping I had done an hour before (bread and water).   I took him to the vet the next day where I was told he was so dehydrated he needed to be on a drip over the weekend.  We visited him every day whilst being on the drip and had bonded.  Seven years later Harry is at my side and my true companion.  He  has the most amazing spirit and is adored!

He still very much has his quirky survival habits; As well as having been bathed, a few minutes later, you will find him rolling in mud and getting the dreadlocks he loves.  But that is all part of his charm.